Administrative Support - Field Office

Administrative Support - Field Office


The Administrative Support – Field Office position will perform administrative and office support activities for the assigned field office. This position will coordinate and prepare materials, schedule meetings, operate as a key point of contact, develop correspondence, information management and other activities that support the efficient and effectiveness of the assigned field office.

  • Positions are based in Houston, Texas & Grapevine, Texas
  • Position reports to Project Manager


  • Demonstrated experience in an fast paced administrative office setting
  • Three (3) or more of years of relevant administrative experience
  • Possess the ability to work with multiple deadlines and priorities, ability to work across a variety of projects and with diverse constituencies
  • Possess strong written and oral communication skills, demonstrated experience at all levels within an organization. Model strong customer service orientation
  • Possess the ability to manage administrative projects involving financials, files and customer scheduling
  • Must be technologically proficient with MS Office Suite, MS Outlook and other electronic tools: internet, social media and software programs similar to Visio and/or Publisher
  • Demonstrated proficiency in office administration, financial administration, electronic record keeping, scheduling and office equipment


  • Ethics: Demonstrated ability to manage confidential documentation. Understand ethical behavior and business practices and ensure own behavior is consistent with high standards and aligned with the value of the organization.
  • Results Driven/Planning: Demonstrated ability to make effective and timely decisions. Produces business results by assessing situations to determine the importance, urgency, and risk for the best interest of the company. Focus on task accountability.
  • Collaboration: Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness. Anticipate, understand and respond to the needs of internal and external customers to meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Communication Skills: Demonstrated ability to explain and express ideas and facts in a professional manner. Ability to represent the company internally and externally using effective written and oral communication tools and techniques
  • Organization: Demonstrated ability to set priorities, track details/data/information/activities and create/implement work & travel schedules and contribute to the organization moving forward


  • High School diploma required; Associates Degree or some college preferred
  • Experience in Real Estate and/or Appraisals is desirable
  • Possess knowledge of effective principles and practices of basic office management

We are a drug-free workplace; a valid driver’s license is preferred; only those authorized to work in the US need apply; EEO/M/F/D/V/AAP.

Expressions of interest including Resume and Salary history must be submitted via e-mail or other internet related technologies

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Agent Level 2

Agent Level 2

Reports to: Project Manager or Project Administrator

FLSA: Exempt

Assignment Focus: The agent performs an advanced level of land acquisition and right-of-way work under moderate supervision. The Agent reports to the Project Manager or Administrator and assists the Project Manager or Administrator in the day to day activities of completing the project. The Agent sometimes acts as a specialist in one area like Relocation, Acquisition, or Property Management; but more often plays multiple roles on a project. This position often requires leadership skills, and employee generally supports higher level supervisors. The agent has several responsibilities regarding complex projects, and must display strong communication skills and negotiative abilities. The level 2 agent has a higher degree of authority, accountability, and creative freedom than an entry-level agent. Making decisions based on considerable knowledge and experience is vital in achieving organizational goals and attaining success in this position.

Primary Responsibilities:

An advanced level of proficiency is required for all primary responsibilities.


  • Prepare for and conduct the initial property owner contact
  • Provide counseling and advisory assistance to/for displacees throughout the project
  • Review and analyze appraisals to identify key information about parcels and to discuss the appraisal intelligently with the property owner
  • Must know how to apply all facets of the Uniform Relocation Act
  • Respond appropriately and accurately to questions regarding real estate law and real estate issues
  • Apply considerable knowledge of real estate law, real estate practices and issues
  • Read and interpret highway RW and construction plan with ease
  • Speak and act within the spirit of the law
  • Prepare type written contact sheets for each contact with property owner in a timely and efficient manner
  • May train incoming employees on duties and responsibilities of the position


  • Set up and maintain acquisition file folder
  • Analyze, interpret and prepare parcel plan letter and all other associated documents such as contract, legal instruments, etc.
  • Make the initial offer to the property owner and discuss the appraisal process
  • Analyze title report and verify ownership of property as well as all mortgages, liens, judgments, etc. against the property
  • Handle the negotiations with the property owner
  • Prepare for condemnation
  • Handle the negotiated settlements which include writing administrative settlement justifications for any administrative increases on the purchase agreement
  • Prepare for the closing which includes the preparation of the closing package that goes to the attorney or closing agent
  • Able and willing to explain the local county and/or state policy on tax pro-ration


  • Apply considerable knowledge of local housing, zoning and building codes
  • Serve as a resource of information for displacees
  • Prepare property inventory classification sheet to identify realty and personality
  • Explain and provide ongoing advisory assistance on the Relocation Assistance Program to displacees
  • Assist displacees in preparing to move which includes helping them actually find replacement housing
  • Conduct Decent, Safe and Sanitary Inspection on replacement site for residential displacees
  • Prepare inventories, move specifications, bidder’s agreements, etc. to assist in the moving of personal property from the acquired site
  • Coordinate moving companies and other necessary bidders to obtain quotes for the move and re-establishment of personal property at the replacement location
  • Review settlement statements for displacees replacement location and determines eligible incidental expenses for reimbursement
  • Review mortgage loan documents for acquired and replacement property to determine eligible interest differential amounts for reimbursement
  • Obtain lease agreements, rent receipts and other required documents for tenants replacement property to determine relocation eligibility amounts
  • Analyze tax returns for businesses to qualify for an In-Lieu of Payment
  • Conduct move out inspection with displacees to ensure all personal property removed from acquired site
  • Respond to questions from prospective property sellers accurately and with consistency
  • Prepare and assists displacees in the completion and submittal of relocation claim forms to seek reimbursement of eligible benefits

Property Management

  • Assist in conducting property inventory and inspection
  • Assist in administering asbestos related activities
  • Assist in administering leasing activities including rent collection
  • Assist in preparing and updating reports
  • Complete board-ups and utility disconnects
  • Post no trespassing signs
  • Monitor sub consultants for insurance, licensing, bonding and prevailing wage rate requirements
  • Understand EPA, OSHA as well as City, State & Federal mandated requirements
  • Oversee capping of sewer lines and abandonment of septic systems
  • Ensure removal of hazardous materials such as oil, paint and tires
  • Assure the grass is kept cut on all acquired properties
  • Assist in coordination of activities for police & fire training, habitat for humanity, etc.
  • Prepare demolition specifications for contracts
  • Assist in finalizing project closeout for Property Management
  • Assist in serving as ORC client contact for Property Management
  • Set up and maintain Property Management files
  • Handle Property Management billing
  • Apply considerable knowledge of building construction and permit requirements
  • Take adequate measurements and calculates square footage


  • Conduct a search of the public records concerning the titles to such real estate
  • Comply with all State and Local policy and procedures in conducting search
  • Identify any and all matters presently affecting the title, to the extent that such information can be ascertained from a search of the public records relating to the title of said real estate, the following factual information:
    • The name, address, and marital status of all record holder (s) of title; The marital status of each owner in the chain shall be included;
    • The recorded deed description of the land or parcels of land which make up an owner’s property;
    • The names, and if it appears of record, the address, of the owners of any encumbrances upon, or interest in, the real estate, such as mortgages, land contracts, leases, easements, rights of way, mineral rights or reservations, etc.;
    • Unsatisfied executions and living judgments, foreign or domestic, or pending suits of record in the courts of record, or on file in the Sheriff’s Office or the Clerk of Courts Office of said county, which may affect said title to the real estate under examination;
    • Any other tax liens, mechanic liens, recognizance, Division of Aid for Aged Liens, or any other infirmity, encumbrance, lien, or cloud on title disclosed by the public records of said county, including all tax assessing agencies within the county or district;
    • The tax description, Auditor’s parcel number, and current tax valuation, including statement of taxes, assessment liens, penalties, and interest which have not been paid and are a lien;
    • Copies of any recorded partnership certificates. Copies of all pertinent information above are to be attached to the report.
    • Any other items that may be applicable to that particular county or state not identified above
    • Update title by reviewing county records and note any recent activity affecting the property to be acquired since the original date of the title search.


  • Schedule and meet with property owner to explain and conduct closing
  • Prepare settlement statement and other required documents
  • Prepare the tax pro-ration request and submit it to the county auditor’s office for determination of pro-rated taxes and unpaid assessments;
  • Prepare mortgage and lien releases; secure these releases on encumbered property from the property owners or the mortgage/lien holders
  • Conduct closings, disbursing and collecting monies as required;
  • Assist the property owner in the execution of required instruments and forms;
  • Secure the necessary approvals from required local agencies to permit the transfer of ownership property rights in the county auditor’s office
  • Record the instruments and releases with the county recorders office
  • Deposit the pro-rated taxes with the required county office and obtain a receipt
  • Submit the completed tax exemption forms to the county offices
  • Monitor the property owner for compliance with performance withholding requirements


  • Complete contact sheets and other administrative tasks timely and efficiently

Quality Control

  • Follow the project and company quality control programs

Professional Development

  • Continuously work to develop professionally through updating ones technical skills, maintaining continuing education requirements, and improving oneself professionally


Knowledge and Experience

  • Three years of experience in a similar position or demonstration of skills necessary to perform the job accurately
  • This position could serve as a next step in the development of an entry-level agent
  • Must have proficient computer knowledge to navigate through basic Microsoft applications utilizing word processing functions to complete contact sheets and to draft business letters
  • Should also be able to utilize proficient database skills to create spreadsheets and complete data entry into company systems as required by the Project Manager
  • Proven success in working one-to-one with customers
  • Proven success in taking accurate notes and composing well-written letters, memos, and other correspondence
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Considerable knowledge of real estate methods, procedures, and terminology

Skills and Attributes

  • Effective problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Strong research and observational skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Adept at using active listening
  • Tactful, demonstrating the ability to know what to say when
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Accurate and detail oriented
  • Always exhibits a helpful and positive attitude
  • Empathetic without being judgmental
  • Patient and calm in stressful situations
  • Anticipates questions and has the correct answers ready
  • Professional and represents the client as a responsible steward of public funds
  • Maintains confidentiality when dealing with public records, personnel, company or client information
  • Deals with objections in a professional manner
  • Strong time management skills always completing tasks on schedule
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Team player, cooperative and polite with clients, property owners, renters, and co-workers

This is not an all-inclusive list of job duties and responsibilities. Other duties may be assigned as needed by your supervisor.

Expressions of interest including Resume and Salary history must be submitted via e-mail or other internet related technologies

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Agent Trainee - Missouri, Ohio

Agent Trainee (Missouri/ Ohio) – Real Estate and Right of Way


Undergraduate senior status or recent graduates and professionals with an interest in the Real Estate / Right-of-Way field are encouraged to apply. Candidates selected must be able to relocate within 12 to 18 months of hire to the next project and subsequent projects, if necessary. Those most preferred for this position will have a strong interest in providing acquisition and relocation services for public agencies under the Uniform Relocation Act of 1970 (49 CFR Part 24).

A career path as a Trainee can lead to an agent’s position with the potential to grow into an administrative or management position within 5 years.

We are a drug-free workplace; a valid driver’s license is required; only those authorized to work in the US need apply; EEO/M/F/D/V/AAP.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Appraisals, Finance with Real Estate concentration or related field from an accredited university preferred; equivalent experience will be considered
  • 1 to 2 years’ of work experience preferred
  • Certification or experience in related fields of study like engineering or surveying a plus
  • Must be willing to travel locally and regionally to conduct business
  • Ability to multi-task while maintaining effective time management
  • Must be open to a flexible work schedule
  • Ability to conduct negotiations with property owners to advise of the affects infrastructure projects will have on their property
  • Must be able to develop the skills of interpreting highway right of way construction plans, including cross-sections, typical sections profiles and prepare legal documentation of conveyance describing areas of right of way to be acquired
  • Must be able to develop the skills of interpreting and communicating to the public the requirements of federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the Uniform Relocation Act (49 CFR Part 24) concerning the acquisition of highway right of way
  • Demonstrates ability to explain and express ideas as well as facts in a professional manner
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit with a desire to succeed
  • Ability to effectively negotiate with property owners and public officials to secure purchase or lease of land, relocation and right of way
  • Demonstrates excellent written, oral and verbal communication skills (candidate may be asked to submit writing sample)
  • Demonstrates interpersonal skills that will be applied internal and external to the organization
  • A sincere interest in people with the capability to exercise appropriate soft skills; must have strong customer-service orientation
  • Ability to practice conflict resolution through critical and analytical thinking; and take direct action to quickly resolve situation
  • Risk assessment: Ability to plan ahead and prepare solutions for potential obstacles
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook
  • Demonstrates a desire to be part of a collaborative work team that takes pride in producing excellent work


  • A current real estate license or appraisal certification is a plus

Expressions of interest including Resume and Salary history must be submitted via e-mail or other internet related technologies

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Senior Manager – Projects & Programs - Ohio

Senior Manager – Projects & Programs



The Senior Manager provides administrative direction, directs, manages, supervises and coordinates the activities and operations of multiple project managers. This position will be responsible for the preparation and management of an annual business plan aligned with O.R. Colan’s strategic plan. Plays an instrumental role in new business development and proposals. Directs the project managers to manage key projects thru the project lifecycle and ensures projects are completed on schedule. Responsible for client management and retention, quality control and active QA/QC processes; audits the effective multiplier, overhead and utilizations rates.

We are a drug-free workplace; a valid driver’s license is required; only those authorized to work in the US need apply; EEO/M/F/D/V/AAP.

LOCATIONS: Positions are based in Ohio and Texas. Position reports to VP of Project Development


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Transportation, Real Estate, Engineering or related field.
  • Eight (8) or more of years of increasingly responsible relevant field experience, including administrative and supervisory responsibility.
  • Applied knowledge of state/federal rules, regulations and codes related to Uniform Relocation Act of 1970 (49 CFR Part 24), Department of Transportation, Airports, County Projects, Real Estate and Right of Way fields.
  • Demonstrated experience leading projects and programs through project cycles in excess of 2 years
  • Experience leading continuous improvement projects utilizing Six Sigma, Lean or Kaizen methodologies is a plus
  • Evaluates contract proposals, directs negotiations of contracts, prepares bids and proposals


  • Leading Change: Demonstrated ability to develop and implement the organizations vision. Integrate key projects and programs to goals, set priorities and establish organizational improvements or enhancements.
  • Leading People: Demonstrated ability to develop and implement people capability strategies which maximizes staff potential and supports high ethical standards in meeting project and program goals.
  • Results Driven: Demonstrated ability to make effective and timely decisions. Produces business results through strategic planning and complete life-cycle implementation of policies, procedures and programs. Focus on accountability and continuous improvement.
  • Business Acumen: Demonstrated ability to execute effective financial, human resource, procedural and technology resources which meet and/or exceed the organization strategic goals.
  • Building Coalitions/Communications: Demonstrated ability to advocate, explain, and express ideas and facts in a professional manner. Effective negotiations internally and externally with groups or individuals. Ability to develop an expansive professional network with other organizations, and identify key stakeholder relationships.


  • Possess strong written and oral communication skills, demonstrated experience at all levels within an organization. This includes experience preparing and presenting reports.
  • Model strong customer service orientation, monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures.
  • Must have willingness to travel locally and regionally for upcoming and future projects.
  • Must be technologically proficient with Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Certifications Preferred: PMP / IRWA / NHI or Appraisal

Expressions of interest including Resume and Salary history must be submitted via e-mail or other internet related technologies

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