Final Edition 2019

ON THE ROAD WITH BOB One of the nation's highest profile transit projects is the New Hudson Tunnel which is part of the Amtrak Gateway program in the New York area. This project represents a huge investment in infrastructure that will provide benefits for the next several generations. ORC has been involved for several years on both sides of the Hudson River working toward the completion of this project. ORC prepared the Real Estate Management Plan (RAMP) and provided staffing to augment New Jersey Transit personnel on the west side of the project. We provided general services in support of the real estate acquisition program in New York for Amtrak. The Amtrak Gateway program is a series of planned improvements along the Northeast Corridor for rail infrastructure in the northeastern United States. A key element of the program is a tunnel under the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York. Once the new tunnel is constructed, renovation of the existing one-hundred-year-old tunnel can begin. Eventually the goal is to have both tunnels carrying passengers from the Newark, NJ area to the heart of New York City; and providing reliable service along the entire Northeast Corridor. Continued on page 10 Construction of elevated guide-way above the street The Future Looks Bright The Acquirer | 9