IRWA releases third online course developed by ORC Training – Course 507 Specialized Nonresidential Payments

The International Right of Way Association (IRWA) recently released Course 507 - Specialized Nonresidential Payments, the third online course developed by ORC Training through our licensing agreement with IRWA. This training is designed to demonstrate the benefits of certain nonresidential relocation payments, such as actual direct loss and substitute personal property, and how relocation agents can apply these specialized payments to facilitate a successful business relocation. The course is available on IRWA University ( It can be applied towards re-certification and is a requirement for the R/W-URAC program. This course is also applicable as an elective toward the R/W-RAC program.

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ORC Training and IRWA Team for Online Training for the Right of Way Industry

ORC Training (ORCT) is very excited to announce an agreement with the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) to license several of the courses developed by ORCT in an online format over the next five (5) years. This agreement will link the expertise of ORCT with IRWA’s educational and training opportunities to benefit the organization’s members.


  • ORC’s training division has developed or updated all of the real-estate related training courses for the National Highway Institute, the training division of the Federal Highway Administration, and has developed internal training courses to improve/enhance employee development;
  • IRWA is considered the central authority for right of way education and certification programs worldwide, and its training programs provide a foundation for right of way professionals;
  • IRWA offers levels of certification for right of way professionals, including it Relocation Assistance Certification (R/W-RAC) and Uniform Act Certification (R/W-URAC); and
  • IRWA currently has no online relocation assistance courses to offer its members.

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Challenges of Mobile Home Relocation

See the Summer 2015 Acquirer for an article on the Challenges of Mobile Home Relocation by Lisa Barnes. The article discusses “Is the mobile home real property or personal property?” How do you determine if the mobile home can be relocated to a replacement site? There are four possible ownership scenarios you can encounter: 1) owns mobile home and owns site; 2) tenant of mobile home and tenant of site; 3) owner of mobile home and tenant on site; and 4) tenant in mobile home but owns the site.

Bridging the Gap

Have you ever wondered what others in your organization do? ORC is broken into two distinct groups: our field activities and our corporate support; the classic line and staff organizational structure. While we are mutually dependent on each other, the corporate people taking care of billing and employee support have no idea what the field right-of-way production employees do. So ORC decided to try to bridge the divide. I led a five hour seminar to walk our corporate folks through the various tasks we perform for the many agencies we work for. The reaction was positive. You can view the slide show at


Updates to Right of Way Manuals Required by January 2016

It's Time to Update Your ROW Manuals

At the AASHTO meeting in Minneapolis last month, FHWA officials reminded state right of way directors that all right of way manuals are required to be updated by January of 2016. ORC Training can help you meet this deadline! Call Lisa Barnes at 850-907-0400 for more information or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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