ORC Training and IRWA Team for Online Training for the Right of Way Industry

ORC Training (ORCT) is very excited to announce an agreement with the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) to license several of the courses developed by ORCT in an online format over the next five (5) years. This agreement will link the expertise of ORCT with IRWA’s educational and training opportunities to benefit the organization’s members.


  • ORC’s training division has developed or updated all of the real-estate related training courses for the National Highway Institute, the training division of the Federal Highway Administration, and has developed internal training courses to improve/enhance employee development;
  • IRWA is considered the central authority for right of way education and certification programs worldwide, and its training programs provide a foundation for right of way professionals;
  • IRWA offers levels of certification for right of way professionals, including it Relocation Assistance Certification (R/W-RAC) and Uniform Act Certification (R/W-URAC); and
  • IRWA currently has no online relocation assistance courses to offer its members.


This agreement allows IRWA to license ORC Training online relocation courses, as well as other right of way subject matter content, to market under the IRWA brand. These online courses offered by IRWA will count toward certifications, including the R/W-RAC, the R/W-URAC, or other applicable certifications. These courses will also count toward recertification credit.

Initial Delivery

We have agreed to deliver four (4) online courses to IRWA in 2015, with additional courses in subsequent years. The four courses to be delivered in2015 are:

  • Appraisal Concepts for the Negotiator
  • Mobile Home Relocation
  • Specialized Non-Residential Payments
  • Special Topics in Replacement Housing

These courses are engaging for the online learner, with audio narration, video clips for more expansive explanation of complex topics, interactive case studies that allow the learner to apply concepts, progress quizzes to check learning along the way, and an end-of-course exam to measure achievement of learning outcomes.

We see this as a true milestone for training in our industry – a sharing of resources to benefit right of way professionals in the public real estate sector.

Current Open Positions

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