HUD Relocation | Community Redevelopment

ORC provides real estate acquisition and relocation services in conjunction with revitalization and redevelopment projects across the country. Our services are provided to public agencies in compliance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act), HUD 104(d) and the appropriate state regulations.

ORC embraces revitalization and redevelopment projects with the respect for the foundation work and planning accomplished by the local public housing agencies (PHAs), community leaders, politicians and the residents of the affected area. This respect culminates with a project carried out to achieve the relocation goals and the expectations cited in the project’s relocation plan.

Each project team is unique and often includes subcontractors and minority subconsultants from the local area. ORC coordinates with local service providers to address the special needs of families in the community. Our teams assist the residents to fully understand the benefits available to them and assure their knowledge of housing choices ---(including rental options, public housing units, homeownership or Housing Choice Voucher Program). Federal benefits consist of Advisory Services, Moving Costs and Replacement Housing Payments as well as HUD Section 104(d) benefits, as applicable. ORC works closely with the client to refine relocation procedures and policies to ensure the client that funding and grants are maximized with no loss of Federal dollars. These procedures often include unique aspects to the relocation program that meet particular needs in the area.

ORC recognizes the special needs of the total community and our staff has the diversity and empathy to advance the goals of the project. Our local staff has at their disposal other highly-trained nationwide professionals for assistance with technical and social issues that may arise.

ORC will provide responses to issues raised during the HUD review and audit. Our firm is nationally recognized as an authority on the acquisition and relocation guidelines under Public Law 91-646. We have developed and instructed courses for federal agencies on the relocation and appraisal process, in addition to performing audits for several state agencies in jeopardy of losing funding in the past. Our staff is extremely capable of handling all HUD inquiries and ensuring the procedures are properly implemented.

“I firmly believe that this project would not have been possible without the expertise of O. R. Colan Associates. O. R. Colan’s staff has the rare combination of skills that includes the technical expertise to navigate the requirements of the Uniform Relocation Act and other governmental requirements while showing a sensitivity and responsiveness to the families being relocated. It has been a pleasure working with them and I recommend them highly to anyone considering a relocation project.”

Lisa R. Gaffney, Housing Director, Chester Redevelopment Authority

Redevelopment Projects:

  • Canal Park Tower, Akron, OH
  • Morgan Renewal Area Project, Akron, OH
  • Chrysler Plant Expansion, Toledo, OH
  • East Boulevard Project, Cleveland, OH
  • Colonial and Euclid Arcade Renovation Project, Cleveland, OH
  • Urban Redevelopment Project, Youngstown, OH
  • New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation, North Region, NJ
  • New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation, North-Central Region, NJ
  • Hialeah Downtown Project, Hialeah, FL
  • Highland Gardens Project, Chester, PA
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center Expansion, Philadelphia, PA
  • Heritage Lane Project, East Cleveland, OH
  • Middlebury Improvement Project, Akron, OH
  • Cleveland Municipal Schools Reconstruction Program, OH
  • Boston Convention Center, MA
  • Eastgate Urban Renewal Area, Akron, OH
  • Double Oaks Redevelopment, Charlotte, NC
  • Edgewood Renewal Area, Akron, OH
  • Leggett Community Center, Akron, OH

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