Pineville, KY – O. R. Colan Associates, LLC (ORC) congratulates Project Manager Roger Varney for earning his Six Sigma Black Belt (Lean). Mr. Varney recently joined ORC as Project Manager in Indianapolis, IN. Given his high-level land acquisition background, particularly with electric transmission and distribution service providers, he will work with Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA) in an advisory capacity, as the electric co-op develops and implements an internal land acquisition program. Mr. Varney’s Black Belt designation signifies his project leadership mastery, which will directly benefit his assignment with WVPA.

Rooted in the manufacturing industry, both Six Sigma and Lean are process improvement methodologies. Six Sigma applies process analysis to eliminate process defects and variation, while Lean eliminates process “waste” by simplifying the value stream, with “value” defined by the customer. Six Sigma awards hierarchical titles called Belts to professionals based on their Six Sigma skill, experience, and training. The Black Belt designates project leadership, and Mr. Varney will lead ORC projects through analyzing processes and coordinating teams to address critical project process issues.

“I am excited to bring Black Belt level Six Sigma training and certification to ORC,” says Varney. “Traditionally, Six Sigma and Lean principles focused on the manufacturing industry. However, the tenets are very relevant in the infrastructure and right-of-way industry of today. By utilizing Lean Six Sigma techniques, we can streamline processes and eliminate waste to manage programs and projects more effectively and efficiently, while delivering the quality our partners have come to expect from ORC.”