ORC Parcel Suite

ORC Parcel Suite is a comprehensive, Web-based ROW database solution designed specifically for the management of acquisition/relocation projects. ORC Parcel Suite simplifies the end-to-end processes of project management by organizing the planning, tracking, and administration of parcel activities.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

SharePoint ensures ORC employees are more productive and efficient over the course of their projects. With enhanced document management design and a host of other tools, ORC's SharePoint site collections allow all ORC staff to collaborate on every project regardless of location.

Deltek Vision

Deltek Vision offers ORC project managers the tools they need to ensure unparalleled financial management of their projects. Through advanced budgeting, financial analysis, key metrics, and reporting, Vision allows managers to focus their attention on project execution while still delivering a highly detailed and accurate financial picture.

Current Open Positions

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