Hear What Our Clients Say

At ORC, our guiding principles of “Doing What’s Best for Clients” and “Creating Win-Win Solutions” are ingrained in our company ethos. Our clients’ testimonials serve as a testament to the positive impact these fundamentals have on partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

Consulting Clients:

ORC has a great work culture; the employees are happy and hardworking.

Principle Consultant Land and Right of Way, Consulting Client

EPC Clients:

ORC has been great to work with from the beginning. We often talk through issues and ORC is great at proactively addressing issues as they come up.

Right of Way Manager, EPC Client

We have always had good service. [ORC Employee] and her team have always been good about responding to us. The client seems to be happy with the work as well.

Regional Director, EPC Client

ORC is so deeply entrenched in the WVDOH that it just does not make sense to partner with anyone else on projects there.

VP of Transportation Design, EPC Client

ORC absolutely knows how to use right of way and the reporting requirements and make sure everything is supported.

Regional Vice President of Operations, EPC Client

Investor-Owned Clients:

ORC is a partner we want to use because of their responsiveness and their professionalism. I would say their relationship with our surveyor is big for us.

Real Estate Specialist, Investor-Owned Utility Client

ORC leadership is very customer oriented. On several occasions our needs were met with very experienced agents, and they were proactive in addressing our issues.

Real Estate Supervisor, Investor-Owned Utility Client

ORC is our top provider because they are excellent in work quality and proactiveness.

Real Estate Manager, Investor-Owned Utility Client

ORC is in first place. They are a top-tier vendor in my book. Anything that I need, they have gone above and beyond to provide me.

Right of Way Agent Lead, Investor-Owned Utility Client

When we utilize ORC, we are getting a complete business partner that moves with us every step of the project and utilize their experience to bring us solutions.

Former Project Manager, Right of Way, Investor-Owned Utility Client

ORC has always been great to work with. They have a good understanding of the process and are great on the customer experience side.

Distribution Right of Way Supervisor, Investor-Owned Utility Client

ORC shines when it comes to customer service, and customer service is an extremely important part of right of way services.

Senior Project Manager, Investor-Owned Utility Client

They balance project need with customer engagement. Right of Way is their specialty and they are top tier in that space.

Director of Transmission Integration Strategy, Investor-Owned Utility Client

Not many of our vendors, if any, come to us with the same level of conversation or strategy as ORC does. That’s why we feel more comfortable with ORC than any of our other vendors.

Transmission Right of Way Senior Manager, Investor-Owned Utility Client

I am always impressed by their level of preparedness. The key thing for them is going to be continuing to provide that quality of service.

Managing Director of Siting Outreach & Right of Way, Transmission, Investor-Owned Utility Client

Public Sector Clients:

Expertise and prompt responses on projects are greatly appreciated!

Anonymous, Public Sector Client

ORC is always wonderful about keeping the design engineers and the municipal clients updated regarding the activities during the ROW Acquisition process. All of our municipal clients have appreciated the team’s willingness to explain the process, timeline, and discuss opportunities to minimize cost and/or expedite the schedule.

Anonymous, Public Sector Client

Project engineers give their [ORC] land agents great feedback for the quality of their work.

Leader of Surveys and Land, Public Sector Client

Clear communication of status, and color sketches of properties showing plan revisions needed or issues needing resolution.

Anonymous, Public Sector Client

Knowledgeable, great teamwork, and easy to work with. I would recommend this firm to another colleague or client!

Anonymous, Public Sector Client

If I have a complex project, ORC is my go-to. ORC is able to look at complex plans and explain it to property owners in ways other agencies can’t.

Real Estate Acquisition Manager, Public Sector Client

Utility Clients:

I know the executives at [ORC], and that goes a long way. I know if I have any issues that I can call them, and they will answer. A lot of times [when choosing between them and XXX] it comes down to who the project team is.

Former Manager of Land and Right of Way, Utility Client

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