Service Oriented Solutions

The ORC team of right-of-way experts bring right-of-way expertise to the clean energy and renewables industry. From wind energy to solar and hydropower projects, we demonstrate a track record of providing knowledgeable project staff that meets each client’s specific needs while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Service Approach

Coordinating the many facets of a renewable energy project requires strategic negotiating among the various demands of permitting agencies, landowners, investors, and the public. Responsiveness and innovation are key to successfully executing these negotiations. ORC seeks to understand the unique needs of each client and then adapts our project approach to provide our clients with a project specific, capable team of professionals. Our Renewable Energy services include:

  • Due Diligence

  • Survey Permitting and Support

  • Cost Estimating

  • Right of Way and Fee Negotiations

  • Leasing

  • Public Meetings/Stakeholder Relations

  • Ownership data generation

  • Environmental and Regulatory Support

  • Construction Support

  • Damage Settlement and Reclamation Support

  • Site Identification / GIS Overview

  • Field Review of Site

  • Landowner Identification

  • Site Evaluation/Surveys

  • Option Agreements

  • Title Research

  • Final Lease / Option to Purchase

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