MD-Convergent Massey Ocean Pines

Advancing Renewable Energy: Maryland’s Solar and Storage Initiative

ORC’s Role: Strategic Negotiations and Land Acquisitions

Project Overview:
In a significant stride toward sustainable energy, a premier North American energy storage provider successfully commissioned three solar-plus-storage systems in Maryland. This initiative, designed to supply energy directly to the Choptank Electrical Cooperative, integrates over 2 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation with 4 MW/8 MWh of energy storage capacity.

This project marks a notable advancement in renewable energy deployment within the region, particularly in an area historically challenged by severe weather conditions, including high winds, power outages, and floods.

A cornerstone of this project’s success was ORC’s strategic negotiation and collaboration efforts, securing the essential agreements from all relevant landowners. ORC’s pivotal role in navigating and securing the necessary groundwork for this project underscores its commitment to advancing renewable energy infrastructures.

Number of Acquisitions: 20
Acreage: 10

Impact and Benefits:

  • Solar performance optimization
  • Enhanced energy reliability
  • Energy cost reduction

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Ocean Pines, MD

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