Training Division

ORC’s training division boasts long historical success in developing and delivering outstanding instructor-led courses for right-of-way professionals performing work under the Uniform Relocation Act. We have expanded this tradition into developing online training courses that make relevant right-of-way training available to staff and clients on-demand. In addition to course development, ORC regularly provides technical assistance to various federal agencies and state DOTs. This assistance includes performing research studies, as well as revising right-of-way manuals and/or other technical documents.

Reliable Solutions

ORC’s training division is nationally reputed for its technical expertise in the practical implementation of the Uniform Act for right-of-way acquisition and related services. Our team has worked with the National Highway Institute (NHI) and multiple federal agencies to develop instructor-led training across all right-of-way disciplines. The ORC team also works with State DOTs to customize training that specifically addresses current staffing or project needs through combining state requirements and procedures with URA regulations.

Our training courses engage participants in discussions and offer them opportunities to solve real-life problems. Additionally, our training reaches versatile learners: For learners who prefer problem-centered training that they can apply immediately in the field, ORC’s experts bring ample experience in applying training techniques that provide a hands-on, learner-focused experience. For the virtual classroom learner, ORC also develops effective online training courses with integrated interactivity such as video clips, animated exercises, knowledge checks, games, and more.

Service Approach

We offer our clients a team of experts with deep technical knowledge of the Uniform Relocation Act and extensive experience in developing and instructing courses for adult learners. Our experience has shown us that the most effective training approach begins with identifying training needs and objectives. ORC can work with your agency in performing this initial assessment to determine the training audience, content, and timeframe.

  • Instructor-led training

  • Online (web-based) training

  • Customized training

  • Research studies

ORC offers an inventory of existing courses in a modular format that can be adapted to specific client needs.
We also can customize our training using agency procedures, processes, and forms.


ORC is also an exclusive partner with the IRWA, creating a library of course content for their online ROW learning catalog.

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