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Developing, updating, and revising a Right-of-Way Manual is not a “one size fits all” undertaking for an agency implementing a right-of-way program under the Uniform Relocation Act. ORC’s teams bring a deep understanding of previously written rules and regulations for federal agencies and programs, as well as operating procedures for State DOT Right-of-Way manuals. Our team possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the URA and understands the need to integrate state laws and agency practices with federal requirements. Further, our experts have facilitated research efforts to identify and implement innovative methods for streamlining the right-of-way process.

Service Approach

Agencies often are asked to find ways to reduce right-of-way project delivery time, while ensuring right-of-way acquisition program conformity to current federal and state laws and regulations. A manageable and useful ROW manual can serve as a key component in this effort. Our services in this area are collaborative – ORC experts work closely with the agency staff to discuss current policy and procedures and seek their suggestions for process improvements. We then make recommendations for process streamlining/flexibility, along with statutory and regulatory revisions.

The ORC team, together with your agency, produces a right-of-way procedure manual that:

  • Incorporates current legal and regulatory requirements

  • Reflects agency policies

  • Offers increased flexibility for ROW program delivery

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