Our record for quality speaks for itself. During our 50 years in business, 100% of our clients have received as reimbursement 100% of the federal funding entrusted to ORC. Audit reports filed for our projects confirm our success. In addition, the FHWA has, on several occasions, recommended our Firm to agencies in jeopardy of losing federal funding.

ORC maintains a formal QA/QC program to manage all aspects of the right-of-way acquisition process:

  • Detailed tickets for every QA/QC item are created, distributed, updated, and processed with the direct supervision of assigned QA/QC Coordinators.

  • Dedicated email addresses route tickets to the appropriate QA/QC groups across ORC, and all correspondence, revisions and status updates are recorded in detail for future analysis.

  • Sophisticated email alerts drive the QA/QC workflow from the start of a case until its resolution.

The QA/QC program is designed to ensure all project documents comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and statutes as well as client requirements.

We take great pride in doing what we say we will do. To this end, our advanced QA/QC system helps to ensure that we consistently provide products and services with optimal quality. This is one of the ways we inspire confidence in progress.

“What we do is important. It is important that we do it well.”

- Catherine Colan Muth Chairman of the Board

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