ORC initiated an Agent Trainee Program in 2005 to help us meet our clients’ growing needs. Our program is a fully-structured, multi-year training regimen that combines various on-line and classroom resources with practical “on-the-job” mentorship.

In addition to the course development and implementation services we offer our clients directly, our fully-integrated training division, ORC Training, develops and delivers an internal training curriculum to enhance employee development. This program includes courses in appraisal, acquisition, relocation, and plan reading, and ensures that our project teams encompass the most competent professionals in the industry.

“Because ORC places a high value on knowledge, the company invests substantially in the education of our employees”

Catherine Colan Muth
Chairman of the Board

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How our Junior Agent Job Training Program Provides Value to our Clients
How our Junior Agent Job Training Program Provides Value to our Clients

Finding qualified workers in today’s workforce is a critical concern facing employers throughout the nation. Recent surveys and industry experts are touting eminent worker shortages for available jobs. ORC has long recognized that quality employees are an invaluable commodity and that we can play an active role in their development and availability.

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