ORC offers a host of technology solutions to both our employees and our clients. Our dedicated full-time IT Department ensures that each ORC project team is fully supported during the entire project. Our IT department is on-call to respond to technical issues and over 90% of all IT requests are resolved the same day, allowing our employees to avoid potential costly delays.

We continually implement new security and software products and features, each aimed at facilitating safer and more efficient work for ORC employees as well as our clients and partners.

ORC Parcel Suite® v2.x

ORC Parcel Suite is an all-new, comprehensive, web-based right-of-way database solution designed specifically for the management of acquisition/relocation projects. ORC Parcel Suite simplifies the end-to-end processes of project management by organizing the planning, tracking, and administration of parcel activities.

Key Features

  • Internally Developed – 100% developed and maintained in-house by ORC staff.
  • Completely Customizable – navigation, sections, fields, validation and help system per project.
  • Security – granular role-based security to provide users with only what they need.
  • Data Entry Tools – speed up bulk data entry with Sheet View.
  • Dashboards – completely customizable graphs and data sets to present your key metrics.
  • Paginated Reports – powerful and customizable tabular reporting with optimal export formats for printing. Schedule and receive reports automatically.
  • GIS Integration – visualize your project with static and dynamic map layers based on conditional, real-time project data criteria.
  • Contact Logs – track all log activity and enter comments with speech recognition.
  • Image Management – add images from the app or from the field via ArcGIS Field Maps integration.
  • File Management – add, view and categorize file attachments.
  • Mail Merge – generate and populate custom Word-based templates such as letters.
  • Rules Engine – complete rules engine for complex validation, email and SMS alerts, field updates and calculations.
ORC Parcel Suite
Deltek Vantagepoint

Deltek Vantagepoint

Deltek Vantagepoint offers ORC project managers the tools they need to ensure unparalleled financial management of their projects. Through advanced budgeting, financial analysis, key metrics, and reporting, Vantagepoint allows managers to focus their attention on project execution while still delivering a highly detailed and accurate financial picture.

Key Features

  • Anywhere Access – ORC staff can securely access Vantagepoint for all project review as well as submit their timesheets and expense reports.

  • Resource and Project Management – Automated scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting and forecasting help ORC project managers and resource planners determine whether appropriate staff is available and allocated effectively, and ensure projects come in on time and on budget.

  • Project Billing – Vantagepoint Billing supports complex and diverse billing requirements, including time and materials, fee-based and percent-complete billing. Designed for the unique billing requirements of our clients, it automatically captures every billable labor and expense transaction, applies rate tables and employee overrides, calculates fees, and generates draft and final invoices using the templates and formats our clients require. Deltek Vantagepoint’s Billing module automates the end-to-end billing process and improves efficiencies between ORC and our clients.

  • Time & Expense Management – Vantagepoint speeds up and increases the accuracy of the time collection process through an intuitive interface that is always accessible to ORC employees. Integrated with Billing, Resource Planning and Project Management, Vantagepoint Time and Expense Management provides real-time visibility into costs that impact our projects. Vantagepoint ensures that hours and expenses collected are immediately accessible throughout the system and eliminates redundant data entry that leads to errors and omissions.

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Employee Mobility

Did you know?Every ORC employee can opt for the latest tablet model with integrated 4G internet access. No boundaries means more efficient project work.