Proven Solutions

ORC brings extensive experience in working on some of the largest design-build projects in the United States. We understand that many of these projects follow an aggressive and often dynamic project schedule. To this end, ORC is highly adept in identifying and acquiring critical parcels and site areas that meet the project construction schedule and contractor requirements. ORC applies more than 20 years of lessons learned and right-of-way innovation to each Design-Build project.

Program Approach

We staff our project-based teams with right-of-way professionals who bring extensive experience in implementing schedule-driven projects. ORC’s team-oriented approach often includes partnering with several consultants to build a specific, individualized team to meet the project’s needs. Our proven approach for design-build project success is to place primary focus both on upfront project planning and on continuous communication and regular meetings with all stakeholders.

Our teams offer a comprehensive list of Design-Build services, including:

  • Project Scheduling

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition & Relocation Assistance

  • Relocation Planning

  • Alternative Corridor Evaluation & Cost Estimating

  • Possession & Use Agreements

  • Acquisition Management Plan

  • Quality Control Plan & Standards

  • Survey & Legal Descriptions

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Database Management

  • Title Curative

  • Appraisal Review

  • Appraisals

  • Property Management

  • Project Management

  • Title Reports

  • Property Closings

  • Environmental

  • Asbestos Reports

  • Condemnation Packages

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