Prairie Power Inc.

Athens to Middletown 69kV Transmission Project, Sangamon, Menard, and Logan Counties, IL
ORC will provide document preparation, landowner notifications, and acquisition services for this 12.5 mile, 69kV transmission project. ORC will be responsible for acquiring approximately 50 easements over a 12-month period on the Athens to Middletown 69kV project in Illinois and recording the easements at the appropriate county courthouse, with a two-year project timeline. This project is part of the MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP) and will support reliability in Prairie Power’s operating region. ORC’s scope of work consists of:

  • Preparing documents templates provided by Prairie Power, Inc. (PPI) including project notifications, easement option agreements, permanent easements, temporary construction easements, access roads, special conditions, etc.

  • Notifying landowners regarding necessary project-related activities

  • Performing negotiations for any needed off-ROW access roads, encroachments, temporary construction easements, tree clearing, laydown yards, road and railroad crossings, and non-environmental permits, as well as any permits required for utilizing road right of way when easements outside of the road ROW cannot be acquired

  • Recording of agreements either directly or electronically and any other pertinent legal documents related to their assigned parcels at the appropriate county courthouse, within five days of acquisition

  • Verifying the current deed of record prior to recording to ascertain that ownership has not changed


Burns & McDonnell
(Sub to Prairie Power Inc.)


Survey Permitting, Rights of Entry, Acquisition, Permitting, Quality Control, Obstruction Removal

Sept. 2019 – Sept. 2020 (anticipated)