Charlotte, NC – O. R. Colan Associates, LLC, (ORC) is pleased to announce the hiring of Kayshia Kruger, as the new Director of Organizational Learning Development. She will work closely with Carmen Johnson, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO), on assessing organizational needs, building a plan of action, driving execution and measuring success. Ms. Kruger will be managing and supporting the assessment, development and implementation of company-wide staff development and organization change management programs.

Prior to joining ORC, Ms. Kruger was an independent Organizational Development Consultant, where she partnered with clients in Charlotte, NC and New York, NY to determine the best practices for employee and organizational development. Working closely with the internal leadership team and board of directors on the current state of member engagement, she conducted multiple focus groups, designed custom tools to measure member engagement, reworked job descriptions and supported recruiting and hiring initiatives. Further, Ms. Kruger gathered and analyzed brand metrics and KPI’s, assessed opportunities for business needs and planned change efforts. Additionally, she designed, developed and delivered employee engagement and performance surveys to identify and streamline existing business processes for effectiveness and efficiency.

“We are thrilled to have Kayshia join us at ORC, this marks an exciting time for ORC as we focus on leadership development, career pathing, succession planning and how to sustain the ‘ORC Way’ culture where employees are engaged and valued. Kayshia’s Organization Development background will be the catalyst for an intentional employee focus design ensuring we create and retain the best human capital in the industry,” explains Carmen Johnson, ORC’s CFAO

Ms. Kruger’s strong background in research, analysis, and psychology have helped companies objectively determine areas of challenge and growth. Along with understanding the human factor within teams and organizations, she deploys her understanding of project topics such as motivation, engagement, employee well-being and leadership development. Ms. Kruger has vast knowledge on a variety of assessments from her background in psychology and coaching.