Effective May 1, 2015, all employees, applicants, vendors and clients have had access to the company’s ethics hotline. The ORC Ethics hotline is a free confidential hotline that allows ORC employees, clients and vendors to anonymously report any alleged employee misconduct or alleged illegal/unethical behavior 24 hours a day.

The tool allows you to provide a detailed report of any witnessed activity in a confidential voicemail message or file an anonymous report via an online form. This tool is not to take the place of direct communication; ORC employees are still encouraged to bring their concerns forward in accordance with the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy:

  1. Directly to your manager
  2. Directly to a member of the Human Resource team
  3. Directly to any member of the Leadership Team
  4. Directly via ORC Ethics hotline; either via 1-866-494-3161 or ONLINE HERE
    PIN: 4012

Clients and vendors are encouraged to communicate any alleged misconduct directly to Human Resources, the Leadership Team or The ORC Ethics hotline. The hotline is a tool for anyone to use who might otherwise feel uncomfortable reporting their concerns directly, or for those who may want to document the alleged misconduct timely to insure the accuracy of the details.