Strategic Growth: ORC’s New Chapter in Georgia

O. R. Colan Associates (ORC), one of the nation’s largest right of way service providers, is proud to announce its strategic expansion into Georgia, with the establishment of a new office in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. This move is a part of ORC’s ongoing efforts to broaden its public sector services in key regions of the U.S.

To support this significant expansion, ORC has appointed James Chapman as a project manager within the new Georgia office. Chapman, a seasoned professional in the field of right of way acquisition and project management, brings over 17 years of experience in right of way acquisition and project management. to the ORC team. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business administration and management and a Master of Public Administration, coupled with multiple certifications and licenses including Real Estate Broker License in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. His prior roles, including significant contributions to the NC Department of Transportation and HDR, have equipped him with the expertise necessary to lead ORC’s endeavors in Georgia.

“Our decision to extend ORC’s reach into Georgia represents a natural progression of our growth strategy,” said Jordan Hohn, ORC’s executive vice-president. “With our strong presence in neighboring states like Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and our Utilities Sector’s successful projects in Georgia, this expansion is a testament to our commitment to meet the evolving right of way needs in the region. James Chapman’s extensive experience and proven track record in project management and right of way acquisition make him an invaluable asset to ORC in this venture.”

ORC’s expansion is further bolstered by its additional personnel in Georgia, who are qualified by the Georgia Department of Transportation to perform work in the state. This team, coupled with Chapman’s leadership, positions ORC to effectively address the increasing demand for right of way services in Georgia’s growing infrastructure sector.

“We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with our new Georgia office,” Hohn said. “With James at the helm, supported by our qualified team, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional services and accommodate the right of way needs across Georgia.”

The expansion underscores ORC’s commitment to providing comprehensive right of way services nationwide, further cementing its position as a leader in the industry.