Charlotte, NC – O. R. Colan Associates, LLC, (ORC), one of the nation’s oldest firms specializing in land acquisition, relocation, and program management for infrastructure projects, is excited to announce Christopher Castellano’s promotion to the newly formed role of Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Chris joined ORC in 2002 and has served as the Vice President of IT since 2018. Observing the evolution, workload, and operational demands of the IT Department, and realizing we are in an era of unprecedented technological change, ORC realized the importance of moving Chris into the role of CIO. This promotion will allow the IT team to grow and meet the expected demands of ORC’s continued success.

Chris has gone beyond providing set-up and support of all computers and IT systems. He has created the IT Department services to include GIS as well as Database and Mapping Services and has focused on assuring the security of our systems as well as bringing additional innovative systems and efficiencies to ORC through software development. Chris has played a major role in these essential initiatives throughout the years, and it speaks to his strength in strategic thinking.

“I’m eager to continue to lead ORC’s IT team into exciting new realms,” explains Christopher Castellano. “I consider myself very fortunate to have a dedicated and highly skilled team as we continue to expand our IT offerings, especially on the software engineering side of the industry. ORC is a unique environment, where change is not only accepted but embraced, and I look forward to working with other leadership as ORC continues to grow.”

Chris brings a wealth of experience, talent, and leadership and we are excited about his new role in the company.