ORC Parcel Suite

ORC Parcel Suite ROW Software

Specifically designed by O.R. Colan Associates, ORC Parcel Suite incorporates critical functions to streamline all facets of our industry. Actionable information is delivered to all users to effectively drive timely decisions that improve performance, enable efficiency, and increase overall client/employee satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Anywhere Access
  • Process Driven Design
  • Customizable Yet Consistent
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Incredible Scalability

Anywhere Access - Based on the powerful .NET architecture and the latest web controls, users enjoy global access to the application with any standards compliant browser.

Process Driven Design - All data fields are organized based on workflow, processes, and specific tasks. Agents can easily find what they are looking for based on the current stage of the project.

Customizable Yet Consistent - A high level of customization is built into ORC Parcel Suite. This ensures that the database accurately reflects the processes and terminolgy of each project. However, with consistent internal controls and design, users have a familar experience across all their projects.

Powerful Reporting - The ORC Parcel Suite report builder allows administrators to publish numerous reports on the fly for agents and project managers. All reports are exportable to PDF documents for reliable printing and sharing.

Incredible Scalability - Built specifically for the Microsoft Azure platform, ORC Parcel Suite takes full advantage of true cloud computing, capable of scaling up to hundreds or even thousands of users instantly without performance degradation. In addition, redundant instances and geographic locations ensure unparalleled uptime for the application when compared to local hosting companies or those providers hosting applicatons internally.

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