ROW Manuals

Federal and State agencies have turned to ORC for their expertise in the right-of-way industry to develop or revise their in-house procedures manuals. ORC has teamed with Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc., (RJA) on many projects to provide comprehensive development and electronic publication capability. The specialized right-of-way experience of ORC, and the expertise and experience of RJA in manual production and electronic formatting, provides an agency with a superior, state-of-the-art, right-of-way document that will meet the needs of the agency for many years.

ORC’s technical writers can evaluate an existing document to ensure it meets with the latest Federal and State statutes, policies and procedures; provide a "tune up" or major rewrite of an existing document, including updating the style and format of the document; or develop a "from scratch" manual to address the agency's right-of-way/real estate acquisition and relocation policies and procedures.

Recent projects include:

  • Right of Way/Real Estate Acquisition/Relocation Operations Manual Updates
  • Public Information Brochures
  • Training Publications
  • Right of Way Forms
  • Conversion of Manuals to Electronic Format

“Thank you for a fine job. NJDOT now has the finest, most comprehensive and professional ROW manual it has ever had.”

Walt Sharpe, Manager, ROW Administration Bureau, Right of Way Division, NJ Dept of Transportation

“Regarding the Utah Right of Way Manual, "I must say that the parts I have read are to me the best manual I have seen. Clear writing. Direct thoughts. Explains how to do things, not just paraphrasing the CFR. My compliments to the author!”

Glenn W. Bridger, Northwest Director, Real Estate Services, HDR

Current and past clients include:

  • Maine Department of Transportation - Right-of-Way Manual Update
  • Montana Department of Transportation - Right-of-Way Manual Update
  • Utah Department of Transportation - Right-of-Way Manual Update
  • Virginia Department of Transportation - Right-of-Way Manual Update
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Training Courses
  • New Jersey Department of Transportation - Right-of-Way Manual Update
  • California Department of Transportation (Caldrons) – Training Course
  • Federal General Services Administration
  • Acquisition Guidebook
  • Relocation Guidebook
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • Draft Regulations, URA Guides, Project Development Guide and Circular 5010.1C

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