ORC Training Testimonials

Bob Merryman, Ted Pluta and Lisa Barnes have been recognized as Instructors of Excellence by the National Highway Institute multiple times over the last five years.

"In every interaction I've had with O. R. Colan Associates, they provided excellent, customer-focused, top-notch ROW course development and delivery. Their curriculum development incorporates ROW policy and guidance, woven with real-world situations designed to provide a meaningful learning experience to all who attend. Their meticulously crafted case studies and exercises reinforce the course outcomes and underscore key concepts. Additionally, Colan's instructors have been awarded the NHI Instructor of Excellence designation two years in a row based on participants’ evaluations."

Mila Plosky, Senior Training Program Manager, National Highway Institute, Federal Highway Administration

“Bob Merryman and Ted Pluta are the best instructors I have had since being involved in the Right of Way profession for the past 18 years.”

Daniel Dunn, Caltrans

"I can't say enough good things about the National Highway Institute's Advanced Relocation course recently updated by O. R. Colan. I observed the 3-day pilot and found the course materials excellent and well presented by qualified, highly knowledgeable instructors. Further, the instructors from O. R. Colan took steps to incorporate our State policies and practices in their presentation, which made it extremely relevant to those attending. In fact, the participants were engaged throughout the entire three days of the session."

Sam Hester, Former Assistant Director Right of Way and Utilities, Virginia Department of Transportation

"I have had rave reviews from your relocation class. Too bad everyone hasn't had the benefit of a full course."

Linda Beyer, Former Realty Specialist, National Park Service

“Ted Pluta and Bob Merryman set the standard when it comes to relocation and right of way instruction. It's a treat when we can get them out here and always a benefit for those in attendance.”

Don Grebe, Acting Chief, RAP, Utilities, Local Programs & Railroads Right of Way, California Department of Transportation, District 7

“Extremely impressed with ORC Training’s staff. Bob Merryman’s knowledge on aviation land easements and land acquisition requirements administered by FAA was profound. The syllabus and the interaction between the instructor and participants was mission critical to our organization.”

Paul Werts, Executive Director, South Carolina Aeronautics Commission

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