Right of way services—an industry that uniquely marries business acumen and infrastructure development—is undergoing a significant shift. As the focus transitions from traditional college degrees to specific skills and relevant training, companies like O.R. Colan Associates (ORC) are leading the change. ORC’s dedication to providing comprehensive, industry-leading training makes it a remarkable platform for those seeking a fresh start or transition into a rewarding second career.

Paving the Path to the Right of Way Services Industry with ORC

Previously, a background in business, finance, engineering, or law was seen as beneficial in the right of way services industry. However, as the sector evolves, the emphasis is shifting towards industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Companies like ORC are pioneering this change, acknowledging the value of on-the-job training and industry-focused certifications over formal education. Internship initiatives and industry-specific training programs, such as those offered by ORC, are recognized as vital for gaining practical experience and developing critical industry skills.

The Integral Role of ORC and IRWA Certification

The International Right of Way Association (IRWA) has become the industry’s leading education and certification body, and ORC has been instrumental in assisting the IRWA in developing its training materials. ORC’s commitment to education in the right of way sector is reflected in its advanced and comprehensive training program, considered among the best in the industry.

Thanks to the convenience of online learning, ORC’s training program and IRWA’s certifications are accessible to professionals without interrupting their current work or other commitments.

Skills for Success in Right of Way Services with ORC

In the changing landscape of right of way services, ORC emphasizes a blend of technical abilities and soft skills. These include proficiency in tasks like title searching, understanding appraisal fundamentals, mastering negotiation tactics, comprehending relocation assistance regulations, and coordinating projects.

However, equally important are soft skills like effective communication, attention to detail, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and integrity. ORC’s training program is designed to cultivate this blend of practical abilities and people skills, which are key to succeeding in today’s right of way services sector.

Right of Way Services with ORC: The Ideal Second Career Choice

With its industry-leading training program and emphasis on transferable skills, ORC offers an excellent opportunity for professionals considering a career shift. Fields like real estate, law, business, and public administration often foster skills like communication, negotiation, and relationship-building, which ORC values highly.

Those seeking variety, a work-life balance, and the satisfaction of contributing to meaningful infrastructure projects will find right of way services at ORC an ideal career pivot.

Navigating Career Paths and Growth Opportunities

Right of way services offer a range of specializations, from appraisal to relocations, acquisitions and negotiations, title services, and project management. As professionals gain experience, they can progress into leadership roles.

Starting Your Right of Way Services Career with ORC

Considering a career in right of way services with ORC? Here’s how to get started:

  • Discover your passion within the industry.
  • Undertake ORC’s industry-leading training program and earn IRWA certifications.
  • Gain practical experience by applying for entry-level roles.
  • Learn from experienced professionals through ORC’s mentorship opportunities.
  • Network through participation in industry associations and conferences.
  • Be open to relocation as many firms, including ORC, have regional operations.

The right of way industry is ripe with opportunities, eagerly seeking new talent to shape its dedicated resources and comprehensive training. ORC provides the perfect platform for individuals seeking to contribute to critical infrastructure projects. With the right skill set and mindset, you can find a fulfilling career in right of way services.