ORC’s Agent Training Program: Building the Future of the Right-of-Way Industry

No. of hours spent training during the first six months of employment

As one of the leading innovators in the right-of-way industry, ORC recognized years ago an imminent future shortage of trained agents with experience in right-of-way. In response to this impending need, we created our Agent Training Program, a career-track training program that follows a structured curriculum during their first year of employment.

We recruit candidates and veterans in different stages in their careers, without industry experience to become Agents and participate in the premier internal professional development program in our industry.

ORC’s Agent Training Program is a fully-structured regimen combining various virtual academic/classroom resources with practical “on-the-job” training. As Agents learn more and develop their skills, they earn more responsibility and independence.


of ORC’s active workforce came from our Agent Training Program. They fill a variety of roles and excel at various levels of responsibility - from Agent to Assistant PM to Project Manager.

No. of training hours provided to Agents since the start of the program

Within this program – and as our Agents become more experienced Agents, then Assistant Project Managers or Project Managers – the learning never stops. Our training division continues to develop and deliver the most up-to-date and industry-specific course material to ORC employees and many of our clients alike.

Many of our best Project Managers are graduates from our Agent Training Program, and they continue to learn new techniques, laws, and general rules to follow. This is critically important when working in a technically specialized field for a variety of clients.


of current ORC Project Managers graduated from the Agent Training Program.

Given the industry need for such an innovative program and recognizing the value our clients gain from our efforts, ORC invests significantly every year in our Agent Training Program.

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