ORC’s experience is vast on federal, state, and local levels in preparing and implementing right of way procedures and programs. Though much of our reputation has been earned on the Federal level, our experience with “local public agencies” (LPA) throughout the country is unparalleled. ORC was awarded a contract by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to prepare a local public agency guidebook for utilization throughout the United States on federal aid projects, and this guidebook still serves as the foundation for the approach taken by nationwide LPA’s on roadway projects.

Additionally, ORC has worked with countless municipalities, county engineering departments, city redevelopment authorities, water and sewer departments, economic development agencies and local utility companies on a host of projects of varying purpose and complexity. Our primary consideration when applying our expertise on the local level is the advancement of the affected community as infrastructure evolves. It is this single-minded purpose that ORC stakes its reputation, and effectively supports its clients with exceptional results.

A partial list of our local public agency projects include:

  • Middlesex County, NJ – Bordentown Avenue and Ernston Road
  • City of Chandler, AZ – S. Arizona Avenue Corridor, Gilbert Road Improvement
  • City of Yuma, AZ – 4th Avenue, 24th Street, Arizona Avenue
  • Town of Paradise Valley, AZ – Fire Station Relocation
  • City of Plantation, FL – Midtown Beautification Project
  • Prince William County, VA – SR 1 North & SR 1 South project
  • Cuyahoga County Engineer, OH – Eastland Road Rehab project
  • City of Medina, OH – City Wide Signal Improvement Project, SR 3, Guilford Avenue
  • City of Crystal Lake, IL – Erick Street
  • City of Dayton, OH – Department of Engineering – N. Main Street
  • City of Cleveland, OH – Department of Engineering – Memphis and Bessemer Avenue
  • City of Mayfield Heights, OH – SR 322 Mayfield Road Widening
  • Lake County Engineer, OH – Fay & Cascade Road Bridges; Vrooman Road
  • City of Avon, OH – Detroit Road Widening
  • City of Sheffield, OH – Ferndale Road Widening – Phase 2
  • City of Piqua, OH – MIA 36-10.77
  • City of Kent, OH – Fairchild Avenue
  • City of Findlay, OH – Melrose Avenue
  • Lucas County Engineer, OH – Sylvania Avenue, Phase I
  • City of Lake St. Louis, MO – Lake St. Louis Blvd Reconstruction
  • City of Maryland Heights, MO - Craigshire Drive/Lackland Road
  • City of West Chicago, IL – Hawthorne Lane
  • Village of Orland Park, IL – 153rd Street
  • City of Washington, MO – Highway 100

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