Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority – Sharswood Relocation

ORC contracted with the Authority to relocate 75 residential and 12 business occupants from the Sharswood Blumberg neighborhood in North Philadelphia, under Federal Uniform Act regulations and HUD requirements, to redevelop the residential area. ORC established a project office in the Sharswood neighborhood and staff made themselves available to all residents and businesses for the relocation project. Authority staff was responsible for acquiring the properties. ORC assisted in communicating with property owners given the proximity in the neighborhood.

The project presented many challenges, as most residents did not work, making it difficult for tenants to obtain leases, and clouds on title and encumbrances in unpaid taxes and liens were commonplace, which had the effect of lowering the acquisition offer. ORC worked with the Client and with the Philadelphia Housing Authority, who made it possible to provide some low interest loans in certain cases and assisted residents in finding some government housing.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority


Residential & commercial relocation services

January 2015 – February 2017