As a national firm, O. R. Colan Associates recognizes our responsibility as a corporate citizen of every community we call home. In this respect, we are always grateful for opportunities to assist with the advancement of the quality of life in these communities through infrastructure improvement, not the least of which are school district improvement and construction initiatives.

O. R. Colan Associates has partnered with several metropolitan School Districts to provide relocation assistance services in support of long-term facilities plans that typically include the renovation, construction, replacement, or consolidation of schools on a district-wide basis. ORC’s experienced acquisition and relocation specialists are experts in implementing programs under the provisions of the Uniform Relocation Act as well as State & Local Policies and Procedures.

School District Facilities Plans are unique to other land acquisition and relocation projects in several ways. Since many of these programs can take 10-12 years to complete, ORC has the wherewithal to offer uniformity in project management over long term projects. Additionally, ORC professionals are accustomed to operating in project areas as large as a City-wide school district or, as exemplified by the expansive New Jersey Schools Development Authority initiative, covering half of an entire state.

In all cases, ORC’s professionals apply compassion and sensitivity to all required activities. As suggested, our intention is to promote the client’s initiative while, at the same time, recognizing the needs and concerns of the affected community, and our Team’s expertise in this respect is unparalleled throughout the right-of-way industry.

Clients include:

  • New Jersey Schools Development Authority (North and North Central Region contracts) Relocation of thousands of residential and business occupants from hundreds of identified school sites throughout Northern New Jersey, and subcontracted property management of acquired sites. This is an $8.6 billion program that is waiting for further funding for the acquisition and construction of additional school facilities.
  • Cleveland Municipal School District Facilities Plan – A $1.5 billion dollar program that will result in the renovation, replacement or consolidation of all 120 schools and the addition of four brand new schools.
  • City of Akron Department of Planning & Urban Development - Akron Leggett Community Learning Center
  • School Board of Miami Dade County, FL – Relocation services for new school site in Sunny Isles Beach

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O. R. Colan Associates ensures nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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