Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

After the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati entered into a long-term consent decree with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, ORC was hired under a Master Service Agreement to provide Appraisal, Acquisition and Relocation services on a variety of Consent Decree projects. Since 2010, ORC team members have worked within MSD’s offices, alongside City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County employees, in clearing the right of way needed for construction.

ORC was also hired by the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati to provide relocation services for one residence on behalf of the District. The project was necessitated by the potential of sewer water backing up into the structure. The District performed the acquisition, and ORC provided relocation benefits on a voluntary basis, which included determination of replacement housing payments, increased interest, and incidental expenses for an owner occupant. Additionally, the City of Cincinnati contracted with ORC to provide on-call task related appraisal services for the City of Cincinnati’s Engineering and Metropolitan Sewer District Divisions. The West Fork Road Flood Mitigation Project included the total acquisition of 22 single and multi-family dwellings. Other projects included Denham & Carll Street, Greenpine Acres Pump Station, and Paddock Point.

Cincinnati, OH

MSD Cincinnati

Sewer & Water

Acquisition, Relocation, all supportive services

July 2010 – On-going