IRWA releases third online course developed by ORC Training – Course 507 Specialized Nonresidential Payments

The International Right of Way Association (IRWA) recently released Course 507 - Specialized Nonresidential Payments, the third online course developed by ORC Training through our licensing agreement with IRWA. This training is designed to demonstrate the benefits of certain nonresidential relocation payments, such as actual direct loss and substitute personal property, and how relocation agents can apply these specialized payments to facilitate a successful business relocation. The course is available on IRWA University ( It can be applied towards re-certification and is a requirement for the R/W-URAC program. This course is also applicable as an elective toward the R/W-RAC program.

Other IRWA courses developed by ORC Training currently available on IRWA University:
Course 411 – Appraisal Concepts for the Negotiator
Course 503 – Mobile Home Relocation

These courses are engaging for the online learner, with audio narration, video clips for more expansive explanation of complex topics, interactive case studies that allow the learner to apply concepts, progress quizzes to check learning along the way, and an end-of-course exam to measure achievement of learning outcomes.

See the Fall 2015 Edition of The Acquirer for an article on Actual Direct Loss and Substitute Personal Property Payments: What’s the Difference? by Lisa Barnes. This article discusses some of the things that differentiate the payments, and issues to consider.

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