ORC Selected to provided acquisition and relocation services for the MSD Sewer Improvements in the Lick Run Watershed

ORC was recently contracted to provide staff members to be imbedded within the Greater Metropolitan Cincinnati Sewer District (MSD) facility to provide acquisition and relocation services for the Lick Run Project. The Lick Run Project is part of Project Groundwork, MSD's plan for reducing and eliminating sewer overflows into local creeks and rivers.

Currently this is a 12-month contract with the potential to add additional staff and extend the term. Along with acquisition and relocation services, addition we periodically added additional staff to perform QA/QC services on acquisition and relocation that had been previously completed by external and internal staff.

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ORC Hosts Managers in Cleveland, Ohio

ORC hosted 35 members of our Management Team in Cleveland on September 24, 25 and 26 for various meetings designed to enhance the skills of our management team.   Our meetings included a one-day seminar with Dean Minuto who authored The One Minute Manager.  Our managers are responsible for right of way acquisition and relocation assistance projects across twenty two states.  You can read more about our meeting on page five of the ORC Newsletter, The Acquirer.

Highway Trust Fund

Map-21 will expire September 30. Revenues from gas taxes can no longer sustain the funding needs for the Highway Trust Fund. In 2014, Congress appropriated $18.8 billion to the Highway Trust Fund to make up for funding that did not come from the gas tax and this money may run out before September 30. With people driving more fuel efficient vehicles, this problem will only worsen. As Congress considers a new transportation bill, alternative funding (like a tax on miles driven) should be considered.

The question is whether our elected officials have the courage to address any issues that include the word “tax”. Perhaps they could call it a “toll” on miles driven. They don’t seem to be afraid of that word. Without a dependable source of funding, the right of way phase for transportation projects could be slowed. Land acquisition and relocation assistance are critical path items in highway construction projects.

Environmental Process

The Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Highway Administration have jointly issued the final rule this week on “Environmental Impact and Related Procedures” as required by MAP 21. The new rule will streamline the environmental process for projects with less than $5 million in federal funding or projects to be built within existing right of way. The new process will require less documentation and should allow projects to be delivered more quickly.

Engineering Partnerships

O. R. Colan Associates provides program management, land acquisition and relocation assistance as a sub-consultant to a variety of engineering firms for both large and small projects for highways, airports and transit. For a full listing you can view our new Engineering Partnerships Brochure here.

Current Open Positions

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